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Man and His Symbols

If you haven't read Man & His Symbols of recent or have yet to do so for the first, below are exerpts from from the book. There is true wisdom in his words and philosophies and the folowing will provide insights to that wisdom.

A story told by the conscious mind has a beginning, a development, and an end, but the same is not true of a dream. P. 12

when something slips out of our consciousness it does not cease to exist . . .

It is simply out of sight. Thus, part of the unconscious consists of multitude of temporarily obscured thoughts, impressions, and images that, in spite of being lost, continue to influence our conscious minds. P. 18

Forgetting . . . is a normal process, in which certain conscious ideas lose their specific energy because one's attention has been deflected. P. 20

This is unavoidable, for consciousness can keep only a few images in full clarity at one time, and even this clarity fluctuates. P. 20

The unconscious, however, has taken note of them, and such subliminal sense perceptions play a significant part in our everyday lives. Without realizing it, they influence the way in which we react to both events and people. P. 20

Many people mistakenly overestimate the role of will power and think that nothing can happen to their minds that they do not decide and intend. P. 22

. . . one must learn . . . between intentional and unintentional contents of the mind. The former are derived from the ego personality; the latter, however, arise from a source that is not identical with the ego, but is its "other side". P. 22

Dreams: basic instinctive strata

Primitive man was much more governed by his instincts than are his "rational" modern descendants, who have learned to "control" themselves. P. 36

Fortunately, we have not lost these basic instinctive strata; they remain part of the unconscious, even though they may express themselves only in the form of dream images. P. 36-37

The soul of man

What we call civilized consciousness has steadily separated itself from the basic instincts. But these instincts have not disappeared. They have merely lost their contact with our consciousness and are thus forced to assert themselves in an indirect fashion. This may be . . . physical symptoms . . . neurosis . . . various incidents . . . moods . . . unexpected forgetfulness . . . or mistakes of speech. P. 72

Healing the Spirit

Our intellect has created a new world that dominates nature, and has populated it with monstrous machines. P. 90
Man is bound to follow . . . and . . . admire himself for his splendid achievements. P. 91

In spite of our proud domination of nature, we are still her victims, for we have not learned to control our own nature. Slowly but, it appears, inevitably, we are courting disaster. P. 91

the unconscious . . is a natural phenomena . . . prove to be meaningful. But the general undervaluation of the human soul is so great that neither the great religions nor the philosophies nor scientific rationalism have been willing to look at it twice. P. 93

To read more....Man & His Symbols


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