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"I am in my grandfather's garden behind his house. The place I'm staying is fenced. I see an ugly, strange, leatherless animal which I can not name, at my left, out of the fence. On my right, not very far away, a croud of beasts (lions, pantheres, hyenas) are starving and waiting for fresh meat. I want to pass over that direction, and reach the end of the street but how can I do that? Then, someone (or I?) calls on the ugly animal, which starts to run. The beasts go after that animal, so the way is free for me to walk to the other side of the place, where other people are. The ugly animal was sacrificed for me."

I don't know which part of me is being sacrificed or "eaten up" by other parts. But it seems obvious. Would appreciate your thoughts.

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Re: Animals

You seem to have insights to the possibilities to this dream. Where does your grandfather's garden and house play a role in your life {if not purely a metaphorical description of your own psyche}. The fenced in part may indicate unconscious aspects that needs and wants to reach the end of the street {perhaps this street represents apst experiences that needs closure}. The strange, ugly animal would be a reason for that closure. What do you think it represents in your real waking life?

We know from previous dreams you are dealing with anxiety problems because you did not receive the proper attention as a child, especially from my father. Does this have any relationship to the above dream?

Unconsciously, and even perhaps now consciously, you are summonsing this ugly aspect away from its fenced in space within your psyche. There is a sacrifice to be made. There may be other troubling aspects that overcome this particular ugly one but they too can be beasts that must be reconcilled.

Your thoughts and impressions of what the dream is addressing will help fill in the void {or provide new insights}. Hopefully some of the above will lend itself in helping you better understand the dream.


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