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Bitten and Saved

I was leaving a party to walk my friend’s little girl across the hallway to her apartment. She is walking ahead of me. As we turn the corner she takes off running, I follow her. She ran passed a snake who was ready to strike, by the time I noticed the snake it had bitten me on the top of my right foot. I fell to the floor in pain and yelled for help. Out of no where I see a paramedic walking very calmly towards me. The sight of him brought peace and comfort to me. He never spoke a word; he just bent down and treated the wound. As I looked up at the paramedic I saw my father standing behind him with his arms crossed and a blank stare on his face.

Any insights?


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Re: Bitten and Saved

The dream may describe a situation that entails contention (leaving the party) with an authority figure, maybe your father, such as a decision concerning a specific area in your life. Your desire to proceed may be based on an emotional rather than rational action (the young girl). You are not consciously aware of this (the child belongs to a friend). Consciously you may have committed or made the decision thinking you are ready to proceed (turned the corner) but unconsciously you may hold reservations. Perhaps the source of the contention is not what you desire to do but that the decision is being made on an emotional rather than rational basis without first considering what obstacles or opposition may lie ahead (the child running). Lacking a rational and objective assessment beforehand could lead to trouble. Assistance would be there should you encounter trouble but could possibly be avoided completely by first assessing possible future implications so you can proceed in a manner to avoid, overcome or limit detrimental outcome. This would entail utilizing a rational non emotional approach. Also, perhaps knowledge the authority figure would come to your aid when you have ‘fallen’ but this could be avoided altogether, again, with a less emotional more rational approach in the beginning.

If there is some area in waking life this may apply, perhaps approaching this authority figure with temperance, keeping an open mind to their input, may not only assist in navigating possible pitfalls but also contribute to a new level in the relationship. Using a rational approach you may glean insights you had not considered. Not that everything will be useful or even appropriate to you, but often times a person can take what is offered and adjust it to their specific situation.

If this interpretation does not fit please feel free to respond as such. Without personal information an interpretation is made using some intuitive insight and archetypal symbolism, so can be incorrect.

Please respond with your thoughts about the dream, interpretation and any other information you wish to provide.

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