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escaping the flood

Hello again, I have yet another odd dream to share. However, this one did not leave me feeling quite so upset and confused, but rather refreshed. Although, I still do not know what it is trying to tell me. So here we go........
The dream starts with me leaving a large house to go for a drive. I do not recognize the house as one that I have ever lived in or have ever seen in real life, but in the dream I know it is mine.
As I am leaving, I get the feeling that I do not yet know how to drive and am about to learn. There is a man going with me, I know him to be my husband, but I do not recognize him ( he is not my fiance in real life). We get in he car and drive off. Everything is going fine when it starts to rain. The rain is coming down so hard that I can barely see. The next thing I know we are standing there, on the side of the road. The man has my younget son in his arms and we are trying to escape a flood. I started to walk with him but realized that we couldn't leave yet because we were missing people. I stopped and told him that we had to go back to get the other people but he refused. I kissed my son and told them I loved tem but I had to go back. I knew that my son and "husband" would be okay, so I turned and ran back towards the house. When I got there I went inside and there were four women there with thier daughters. I did not recognize them but somehow knew them. I told them we had to go. Then I noticed my oldest son sitting there, only he was younger. I picked him up and told him it was time to go, the water was coming. At that point, the walls in te house started to collapse. They were falling everywhere. We went to the stairs and ran up them, we ended up outside. There was a motorhome outside so we got in and began to drive. We went over a bridge and it got sunny. We knew that there would still be water coming but we were safe from it. After a minute I found a place to park. I did so and when we got out of the vehicle we were next to a lake. We decided to go swimming. I walked up to the shore and the wate was very clear. I even said in the dream, "Wow, look how clear the water is everyone!" Just then I looked to my right and there was my oldest son wearing his old floating swim suit. He walked to the edge and jumped into the water. I went over to swim with him. As I got in the water I noticed some pictures of people at the bottom of the lake. I went to swim down and get them and I woke up.
Any insight???????

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Re: escaping the flood

Most often when I see a dream posted by someone your age {an younger adult or adolescent ] I look to the current waking life as the primary stimulus for the dream. I don't know that this dream, or the earlier posted dream, is really different but I suspect they both may have to do with the stresses you spoke of in your follow-up post to your first dream. There does seem to a lot of emotional energy connected with both.

The one thing that strikes me about both dreams is the inclusion of siblings and children. In the second dream the other most notable thing the water. This makes me suspect there is a lot of emotional turmoil in your life. Adding the children, the sisters, and non-existing husband and comparing it to what you stated in the follow-up post about your sister's disastrous relationship, perhaps those family relationships are at the center of the 'flood' of emotions you 'may' be experiencing. Your dreams are trying to help you sort out the whole drama.

Without knowing a lot more about your life I can only guess at a lot of what the dreams are alluding to. But I believe the dreams are combining children and siblings and using them to illustrate the emotional conflicts in your life. Dreams will use the past and the present, people you know and don't know, other people's siblings and children as your own {do you have two sons?} in its attempt to put things back into some type of emotional order.

Since there does not seem to be any traumatic experiences from your past {which is only 21 years of experience-the difference in dreams of a younger person to those of older people who have accumulated a lot more baggage} I think the dreams are trying to deal with these emotional floods in your current waking life. Top try and explain every symbol would be a task for someone who knows your life very well. If we had a couch and plenty of time to go over your life I do believe we could explain most of the characters satisfactorily. But in lieu of that I believe the dream is addressing the emotions you bear in dealing with current life experiences. And there does seem to be a lot of emotional stress. Is that a fair conclusion?


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