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What is this?

I had a dream last night that the type of spider used in arachnaphobia was in a partially unpeeled banana. At first look the banana just had legs, then it was spitting things out of the open end, then I realized that the spiders body was actually in the banana and the spider was biting off pieces of the banana and spitting them out immediately. The whole time it was running around fairly fast and in many different directions. They say a spider is a threat and represents fear of being tangled in a web, and a banana is a falic symbol, but this seems as if the threat is endangering the banana rather than the banana being the threat, what do you think?

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Re: What is this?

Hi Kristin

Unravelling this dream may take some further thought from you but I will offer what I can
The image of something spitting out of a banana does seem very phallic and brings to mind a male's ejaculation, being partially unpeeled would also fit (uncircumcised).
The issue then is the spider in the banana. Did you mean that the type of spider was the same type as used in the treatement of arachnophobia ? or the same type of spider that people are afraid of if they have arachnophobia ?
Either was this is linked to a 'phobia' or intense dislike of some kind ,,, I can only give some prompters ,,, you will need to mull them over for yourself.
What is you attitude to men ? to sex ? to men and sex ?

That the spider was hidden in the spider, the answer may not be so easy to see.
Also having anything spat at us is not nice ,,, what is the source of this ?

Hope this provides some start, your feedback would be really appreciated
All the best

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