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my dream

In my dream I was walking down a country road on a cold ugly day in winter, I remember I was sad about something then the next thing I knew I was falling down a tunnel in the ground and when I got to the other end it was a nice sunny day and I was in a beautiful place where everything was perfect and as I was wondering what just happened Dave (my dead husband) rode up on his Harley and ask if I wanted to go for a ride at first I didn't know what to do but I decided what the heck and as we drove off I woke up.

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Re: my dream

hi nancy,
because of the age factor,(no offence meant,)
the wintry country lane scene, maybe a metaphor for the period of transition you are in,namely middle age.
although things may seem a little bleak,especially when we are trying to work out our place in the great scheme of things,the dream content is compensating your ,perhaps negative outlook,
you are moving from sad wintry state, to a more promising brighter one,
the tunnel may be a ref to going within,and finding that same freedom that your husband on his bike refers to,harleys have always been synonomous with freedom,
in the dream you hesitated slightly, but you went for it,
is there something that you ought to be doing?,
sometimes we are anxious of doing things because of the what if's,but it's the what if's, that make it all interesting,
hope this helps.
regards steve.

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