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A Birthday - Well sort Of

It will be two years come January 4 2007 since I revived the Dream Forum at MDS. Although the Forum has been a part of the MDS website off and on for several years {Myths-Dreams-Symbols first went on line in July 1998}, this is the its longest and most successful run. And it is all due to the many contributions from the Forum contributors. Because it does take a lot of time and effort to properly address dreams, and since I am unable to give full time to doing that, it is the Forum contributors who have graciously given of themselves that has made the Forum the success that it is. Their compassionate attitude in interpreting dreams has provided many visitors with new insights, not only to the dream world but also in many instances to their own inner lives. I have witnessed first hand the positive results from these interactions. People looking for answers and in most cases find more than what they were looking for. That is saying a lot about a subject {dreams} that is so misunderstood, if not altogether ignored or looked upon with a contemptuous attitude.

But there is another aspect of the thanks I want to give to the wonderful people who contribute their energies to the Dream Forum. I personally believe we are breaking new ground in how to approach and interpretation dreams. By taking up the torch that Jung lite and by using his many insights to the dream, we at the Forum are blazing new paths into the dream world. One only need to read the posted dreams and their interpretations to realize, yes, Jung got it right. But a trained mind and a developed intuitive sense can also share the insights Jung discovered within himself. There is indeed a way to successfully read dreams. It is not perfect, people are all different, but it is in my mind the most logical and successful way to understanding dreams. I am often surprised at the successes we enjoy in providing the correct interpretation{s} to dreams. Or in the least, providing insights to a dream that let's the dreamer understand the message of the dream. Of all the methods used I am convinced the Jungian approach is the best correct way in approaching the dream world.

Thanks to all who contribute. As aspirers of the hero/heroine path we are a part of that new myth Joseph Campbell tells us we ourselves have to construct for the new millenium. It may not be the Mayflower but this flower is the blossoming, in a new age of understanding the human psyche. And we are a part of that adventure.

Jerry {alias Gerard}

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Re: A Birthday - Well sort Of

gerard, i feel that it is you who deserve thanks, for giving us a place to come, a watering hole for psychological and spiritual refreshment, i personally do not know how i would have faired, if not for the knowledge contained within mds, to me it is the lamp in the cave, long live mds. steve

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