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in my dream i was at skwl wehn a group of my friends started surrounding me and yelling saying i was worthless, i was nothing and that no one cared. then they charged at me n i fell over.

then this guy i luv hu dosent go 2 my skwl came up to me n stabbed me. he then smashed my head against the floor until i my head cracked. but the last part of my dream was that i saw someone crying they then whispered that they cared. then i died

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Re: murdered

Your dream is probably reflecting psychological conflicts you are experiencing in your waking life. The people in your dream are most likely symbolic of perhaps real people, but only in general. Your boyfriend stabbing you may reflect some kind of tension or conflict you have in that relationship. That would be normal in all relationships. The 'they' in your dream who 'care' may be reflective of real people. No matter the conflicts in life we all have someone who cares.
It may also symbolize of caring about yourself. Depression or psychological conflicts can sometimes make you think you don't care, others don't care. But in reality you know that is not true. Everyone has worth. Sometimes its takes more time to figure it all out.


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