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please help!!!!!!

hi...i got did dream..well nightmare..last night...i had a dream dat i met this guy..he was a very ud looking one..4 some reason we fell in luv with ech other i really loved himm ..he used to work in some tipe of community service with kids or soemthing like that..i ron know but i drank something n they diasgnosted me with some type of sickness...dis is da wrost part..i started to die was like i satrted to become dead..i was pale my haiir was fallling ,it was like turning intyo a zombi cause i knew i was going to my grave...i started to get really fron of this boy n his face expresiion was like he didn't want me n more because of da monsted i've become...every minute started to get wrost..ny teeth starting falling..i so fet it was so so so vivid...wel then i satrting floating in da air my spirit n i waa going up n all of the sudden my mom appears n she push me down to da groung n said "okay maria,just finish dieying" spirit went thruth the groung (to my gave) n it as like when i hit it all it was was darkennss..then dats when i open my eyes n i woke up to my roon which was dark too...but then dats not everytng when i woke up i cc like this llitle figure ..i ron know wat da hell it was to be hones was like a dwartf or someting like was dancing ..i ron know i was really sacred thta i went to sleep in my mom's room ..n i couln't help it i satrted craying untill i fell asleep,......wat does dis mean ??does it means dat ama die soon ..n all dat happen in da dream is gonna happen ..dis isnot everything dis morning when am telling it to my mom caue i needed to tell somebody ..i started bleeding from my nose..pretty weird ..i ron knoe is it a coincidence??please help me waht does thid mean?????

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Re: please help!!!!!!

Your dream doesn't mean you are going to die. Dreams speak in symbols and metaphors {a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another}. What the dream symbols are addressing in your dream are those emotional conflicts you are experiencing in your waking life.

It is difficult to understand some dreams and yours is not an easy one. Perhaps the dream is addressing your personality and how others think and feel about you. Or at least how you think they feel about you. The sickness, the 'its geeting really ugly', and teeth falling out {teeth falling out often sybolizes concerns about ones appearance} lead me to believe this is what the dream may be addressing. Death or dying in a dream often symbolizes a desire to change things in your life. At 18 you are probably caught up in love interests with boys. There may be a fear on your part of being accepted by guys. Perhaps you think your appearance is not as good as you wish it could be.

Parts of the dream may be getting into deeper emotional conflicts having to do with earlier experiences in life. These usually deal with traumatic {bad} experiences that leave a mark on your unconscious mind. There would need to be more info about your personal life to determine what that might be.

The one thing you do need to understand is the dream is not addressing your death. It is addressing a desire to change something about you or your life. So rest assured that there is no need to fear about dying.


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Re: please help!!!!!!

Hi Maria,

The dream may also be addressing a rite of passage from child to adult. This is a form of psychological death, dying to the old, reborn to the new. With this come fears of being on your own and fully responsible for your self no longer protected by parents and under parental control. For some this new freedom is treated with respect and adult decisions. For others it's merely a continuation of child behaviour without the adult supervision. Perhaps you are in that in between stage, not yet on your own but nearing that time.

The young man could represent adult temptations that await your newfound adult freedom of choice. The potion that rite of passage to adulthood. Becoming a 'zombie' symbolizing the guilt or punishment reflex of your inner higher authority or learned religion. Your mother 'okay maria, just finish dying' could represent a duality of opposites. Both encouraging you to move into adulthood to accept adult responsbility and perhaps unconsciously wishing you to remain a child (pushing you back).

The vision you saw on waking, the dwarf, is not uncommon. I have experienced these types visions on several occasions. It's scientific name is Hypnopompia. This includes visions of lights, people, shadows, impending sense of doom or death, etc. the list of sensations is long. To read more about this click the link below.

Wikipedia - Hypnagogia (Hypnopompia)

Please respond with your thoughts about the dream and interpretations. With your input we can likely figure out the dream meaning.

Kind regards,

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