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Water dream

I keep trying to look this up online but I can't find a description of a dream like it.

I keep having dreams involving water. Usualy I am inside somewhere and there are usualy walls. The water is sometimes there later on in the dream when it wasn't there before. The location is never necessarily inside or outside. The water is always relativly still. Sometimes it rises and a few times I had to swim to the surface but there was never a fear of drowning in it.
Last dream I had I was standing in shallow water with someone that was suppose to represent a friend. I do not swim and I do not go in water other than a shower every night. Don't live by a lake... Any thoughts?

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Re: Water dream

the water in your dream seems most likely to represent your emotions,
the different depths you find yourself in,
could reflect your emotional responses to outer events,but more something that you need to be aware of,
there are other possibilites ,
the different fluctuations in the water could reflect deeper levels of the unconscious and spiritualty,
the deep water,it actually supported you,which immediatly reminded me of the feminine,water is feminine,and in this case could reflect the mothers womb,or the desire to feel nurtured and safe,

the term shallow, can also refer to a personalty trait,and as we know ,still waters run deep,
these may also be worth thinking about.
hope this helps.
regards steve

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Re: Water dream

Hi, When I first moved into my own house with my husband and children, I had a dream of water covering most of California, and me frantically looking for my family to save them.

Recently, I had several dreams about being outside in a deep valley like scenario, and once I was swept away by the water, but not drowned. Another time I was walking and all the sudden water started rapidly filling the deep valley and I was frantically looking for a way to out run the water and find others to help, or save. What does this mean? Thank you

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