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For Gerard

Gerard, First of all thanks for your help.

First, my friend in the first dream who i said i had distanced from has been on my mind a lot more lately because she is soon to move and i guess i have really sort of thought about in a different light. I have always blamed her for our "falling out" but recently i have been thinking that i could or should have tried to reconcile. Could it be that in my dream i was "beating myself up" over not trying to fix the friendship and now it being too late?

In response to the questions you had about the stabbing dream, i am not latino and cant think of any recent encounter with a young boy so in regards to that do you have any idea as to why this was used? Feeling abandoned i cant remember a specific time in my childhood, I have always lived with my father, my parents split up when i was way to young to remember and my fathers reason is because my mother couldnt handle looking after a child at the time because she was quite young. I have never really thought about it or been upset over it because i had a great childhood and i always visited my mum and we have always had a good relationship. I have a younger half brother and have had moments where i felt my mum does like him more or has a better relationship with him because he has always lived with her. Could this have anything to do with the little boy?

As you said i dont really know what im talking about when it comes to dreams so please forgive anything that doesnt make sense!

Thanks again for taking the time to help me!

Em :o)

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Re: For Gerard

The 'beating up' on yourself could very well be over the relationship with your girlfriend. Dreams depict our true emotions whereas our waking conscious mind will often distort those true feelings. The knife may be symbolic of the stabbing yourself, another terminology for beating up on yourself. The boy could be purely an animus figure. But I believe it goes deeper than that. But to discover such deeper emotions would require time on the 'Freudian couch' where you would be able to present your whole life for examination.

Your brother may play some role in these dreams. The fact you mentioned the age 5 along with the boy leaves the impression of such possibilities. But again that would take time to analyze your life to determine. The Latino inclusion is up for discussion. Why you used it is not clear. Your childhood, which is not far from where you are now at age 17, may hold secrets that have yet to be acknowledged. It doesn't need to be traumatic experiences that leaves an impression on your psyche. Since these experiences are still relatively recent {childhood to age 17} they may merely be unresolved adolescent issues.

All in all the dreams are probably addressing the ending relationship with your girlfriend. Her being so close and losing that friendship could very well be a threatening experiences to your young psyche. Such an experience can be a bit traumatic so early in life. You may need to move on to other things ahead and put the relationship behind you. But perhaps there are ways to remedy these anxieties by renewing the relationship. Is that a possibility?

One closing comment about your dreams and your age. As I have stated often dreams of younger people are often quite different from those of older people. Young people are still forming their lives and experiences whereas older people {especially past the age of 40} are reflecting on past experiences as much or more so than everyday stresses. I find it a easier to read an adult dream. Trying to decipher a young person's dreams often requires more in depth knowledge of their daily lives. Of course the more I know about any dreamer the better the possibilities of understanding their dreams.

Thanks Emily for sharing your dreams and life. If you have other dreams you wish examined please post them. There may be more to this than we realize. Also future dreams may shine a light on the 'young boy' aspect of these dreams. That could be interesting, and revealing.


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