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Me & My Two Little Girls

I dont know if this to ask what my dream means, but here it goes. Well it was about me and my to little girls.first it started with me wacking up and scraching my head it ternd out I had laes and my little girls to. So in the dream I get the medicen for it and I put it on my oldest first then me then the baby my 11 month old baby the oldest is 4 years old. So then Im in a bathroom theres a window and its not my house bathroom but in dream its my house thow it look like a appartment because it was very tall like 7 or 9 story bilding. So the wierd thing is that I tern to the window and I see a men trying to get in the bathroom window I tell him to get out and I starte scriming and hitting him we faight and I bang him over the head with somthing and he gos down when he wakes up my husben is in the room the men tells me he is going to call the police on me for hiting him.I go you brock in he says put you hit me on the head,and then I wock up. Iv been going crazy thinking what it means so I found this page and Well Im asking for you thought on it. Hope you get back to me soon.

THANK YOU Connie.....

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Re: Me & My Two Little Girls

To give you an idea how dreams function let me say they most often do not speak in literal, everyday language. Instead they speak in symbols and metaphor. Dreams may be addressing everyday stresses and events or they may address deeper emotional issues in your life. Or they could be doing both. I'll try to explain both possibilities.

So the images in your dream is not an actual enactment of the dream. The part of the dream where the man who broke in your bathroom is most likely not a real event. It is about some aspect of your masculine psyche {total self}.

Here are my impressions of your dream.

Your head probably represents your thinking self. The lice may be little things that are irritating you. This part of the dream could have to do with your girls and the everyday irritations you have to endure raising your girls.

But your little girls could also represent different aspects of your feminine self, the stages of life you have gone through. If this is the case then there may be something deeper about the dream {the first explanation above would have to do with your current waking life and the irritations I spoke of}. If this is the case then there may be something from your past that is still irritating you or bothering you. It may involve guilt feelings, something you feel guilty about and have yet to reconcile those emotions.

Bathrooms are where you try to eliminate things, things you do not want or need {not the usual #1 or #2 you go to the bathroom for}. Since the bathroom is not in your house but an apartment it may be about a complex
repressed ideas and impulses that compel characteristic or habitual patterns of thought, feelings, and behavior} you possess. The tall building may be alluding to the head {high up}, your thinking process. There may be something in your past that you wish to eliminate.

if the dream is about your everyday life it may be the wishful thinking about eliminating those minor irritations {lice}

The man in the window could represent those masculine qualities you possess {we all have masculine and feminine aspects}. Masculine aspects could involve irrational qualities {mean are more irrational than women}, thus making things more irritating than they should be. The window would be an opening to your unconscious emotions, something you may not realize consciously. So in affect the man is a part of your psyche. And you are hitting yourself over the head. This may due to the 'little irritations' in your waking life. Your husband could be part of the problem thus he is in the dream {perhaps he does do his part in raising your daughters}. Calling the police would represent calling upon those higher qualities you possess, qualities of being able to handle these little irritations.

The only other possibilities I see about the man in your dream would come from past experiences involving real events. This would involve traumatic events in your life that you have not gotten over, probably from childhood {and why you daughters are in the dream. They represent you as a child.

Has there been any such events or experiences in your past? If not then the dream is probably addressing those little irritations I spoke of. At your age that is most likely the case. If that fits, if there are these little irritations, then the dream is probably addressing those stressful events in your current waking life. My impression that is most likely the case.

If you have questions about my interpretations please post them here and I will do my best to answer them.


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