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I had a very, very vivid dream last night about cats.
In the dream there had been a natural disaster, a flood, and in the aftermath there were hundreds of dead cats left for dead on my property. I needed help to deal with all the dead cats left behind and a strange women showed up and gave me some pills and told me to throw them all around the dead cats. As I threw the pills around the cats, they all came back to life. Hundreds of cats came back to life and then alot of people showed up to help me take care of them. Strange as it sounds this dream was uplifting. Anybody have any thoughts on the meaning of the resurrected cats?

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Re: Cats

Cats normally symbolize the feminine aspects. Since these cats were left on your 'property' they are most likely represent aspects of your psyche. And since there are many dead cats there may be a real disturbance with these feminine aspects.

The natural disaster may point to something natural about this affect on you. Death symbolizes an end of something. Bringing them back to life is to rejuvenate your feminine qualities. The pills may represent those things you take in that aid in the healing of these feminine qualities.

What is it in your life has seemed to have come to an end and then is rejuvenated? It would have to do with feminine aspects, most likely those qualities you possess. Intuition is an important feminine quality. Have you set aside your inner intuitive voice and instead let subjectivity get in your way when making decisions? The flood could be a flood of emotions and the disaster an emotional disaster.

Also look at taking the pills as a real event. Do you or have you recently taken pills to help with feminine problems? Perhaps these pills have put new life into your feminine self. Since it is 'uplifting' the pills {medications} could either represent something that provides a healing effect {look beyond just the pills to other possible events or things that may have helped heal this feminine side} or they could seem to help. Some part of your feminine self may have undergone a resurrection of sorts, the death and coming back to life of these cats.


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