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piece of puzzle

Hi Thankyou for this great site, which i have already spent many hours on!
This was a dream i had a few weeks ago, and was not as "clear" as most of the dreams i have, but i feel its important so i am asking for help.
It was very dark and felt like a long time ago in history, like with castles and (hey, maybe the dark ages!) There was some kind of battle to be fought or challenge to undertake. There was a wizard or witch (cant remember the sex), but they were "higher" than me and giving instruction on the challenge. I was not me, i think i was a few different people who all had different tasks. cant remember alot of it, but right before i woke up, i was a male servant , and also watching, and also aware that i was dreaming and watching. The servant had a scaly neck, that was like how a bird would look if you cut all the feathers off, with the stuble hanging out. it felt full and heavy and disgusting. it was red and black. there was a sense of fear about the coming challenge and then words from the wizard/witch that this was because of the challenge.
This is important to me because i have been having this disgusting feeling in my waking life. except i feel it all over, its a feeling of infestation that comes at me very infrequently but without warning. i have just begun working on it and have thought it to be about years of repreesed emotions.
hope someone can help

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Re: piece of puzzle

Hi Edwina - It does sound like you are beginning to face repressed memories and maybe remembering things from your child hood.
The witch/wizard are of course higher aspects of yourself, there to help you face that challenge.
The feeling of disgust/guilt that comes upon you could well be to do with memories from your childhood. I am reluctant to explain more at this stage, as I don't wish to plant suggestions in your mind, but please don't be afraid of this process, it has begun for a reason and however unpleasant it feels - it is there as a challenge as a self-development that will enable you to be a stronger person in the future.

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