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Raging Bull

Perhaps some one can help me understand this dream.

First of all, I would like to give you a brief background about the man in my dream. For over a year now I have had several, extremely sexually explicit, lucid dreams involving a young man nearly half my age. Before the first dream about him I had absolutely no attraction to him whatsoever. Had never given him a thought! In my waking life, in recent months, we've developed a openly flirtatious relationship. Nothing has happened...but, I've fantasized about acting on this attraction. The lucid dreams have definitely fueled this.

Last night was New Years Eve and some point after falling asleep I had this dream.

I'm at a house party for New Years Eve. I do not recognize the house it's being held at, but I notice my dream lover in another room, watching me. I go to a bathroom located down a darkened hallway. It's just past midnight, everyone's still kissing and hugging each other. When I come out of the bathroom he's waiting outside the door for me. In the dark, he takes my arm, tells me he wants a New Years' kiss, and just as he leans in for one, all hell breaks loose....

A charging, snorting bull has come barreling through the house from the front door. It pauses briefly at the entrance to the hallway and watches us for a second. I'm fully aware of my lover's fingertips pressing into the flesh of my upper arm as he leans his weight into me, I can feel his breath hot against the spot just behind my ear. I can see the bull's nostrils flaring, it's sides are heaving with exertion before it turns and runs headlong into the kitchen and out through the open back door. I felt as though I was breathing the same as the bull was. My chest is straining with the effort. I feel slightly dizzy. I'm also aware that my lover and I are breathing in unison. At this point I wake up.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Re: Raging Bull

It seems to me you are flirting with a new liftstyle in your life, the bull if the old you charging up to hold you back.

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Re: Raging Bull


Thank you for including your thoughts on the dream and waking life aspect. The dreams appears to address emotional conflict regarding the personal situation you describe. Where the desire originates in the unconscious may lie in mid life and the seeking of youth. A common mid life issue in the West. In seeking to revitalize a past stage we may seek relationships with younger partners. A desire to reengage youth through seeking external relationships with a younger partner, although the actual outcome is much different than the imagined one. This seems to be the initial dream setting.

The house represents you. New Year would signify both an ending and beginning, death to adult stage, rebirth to midlife stage. Midlife is new to you, you do not recognize it. The conscious perception is of being in the adult stage. Yet at 40 that is now past. The other room could represent a psychological complex or conflict within. The dark hallway the path you can not see to eliminate or cleanse these conflicting emotions Just after midnight would again represent the life cycle, that of mid life. The adult stage is full circle with 40 being just past that stage.

Consciously you do not know where this desire originates, perhaps viewing it as a dark or shadow emotion and wish to eliminate it therefore eliminating the inner conflict. Likely there is unconscious content acting as the source of the conflict and the conscious decision to initiate flirtation. Perhaps you have had thoughts giving over to this animal desire can be a temporary passing influence, resulting in a brief casual relationship or ‘one nighter’ with the man. Yet inside you know there is a real possibility the man would not have this same consideration and desire an actual relationship. A possible note from the unconscious that although conscious may contemplate this as nourishing or serving to Self, it has no substance or indication of such (passing through the kitchen).

Emotions during a dream can provide a good deal of context in meaning to personal dream symbols. Perhaps examine what emotions you felt at each stage in the dream, to help in understanding your inner emotions regarding this situation.

As usual, it is the dreamer who knows if an interpretation is close or not. With the personal information you provided this is likely a close outline. Please respond with your thoughts.

Kind regards,

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Re: Raging Bull

Are you already in a relationship, or have you not had a relationship for a long time? Its seems to me that you want this relationship,are intrigued by this person, or by the mystery of this person.(eg. I wander what it would be like being in a relationship with this person?) If you are already in a relationship, the bull may be a symbol of your feelings (you feel bad because you are already happy with someone else, or should be happy with them. If you are not in a relationship, then you may be longing for one, and this younger man is the person you have subconsiously chosen. This does not mean that you want a realationship with this man. It just means that there is something that makes this man easy to remember, and therefor, dream about. You may work in close proximity to him? (and office?) or you may just see him often (behind a shop counter?)
You have to think about these things. You didn't have any feelings towards him, your flirting with him, but do you have feelings towards him NOW?
You may be flirting with him because you feel you know him better than you do (because of your dreams) Maybe he gives you attention that you miss elsewhere in your life, and you flirt with him, so that you carry on getting this attention.
The best thing to do is look at your life, and then search your feelings. I think your feelings hold the key to this dream. good luck xxx

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