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secret passages

I have re-occuring dreams about secret passage ways. Mostly i am in a huge old house and i am exploring this house. I know that there are secret passage ways in these houses i explore and most of my dream is trying to find the passage way. In some of the dreams though i do find the passage way. One specific re-occuring dream i find the passage in the owner of the house (an women of about 45) bedroom closet. The passage is usually narrow and i have to crawl and it brings me to a secret room with a huge window and a bed. The feeling i get in this room is of complete comfort. Also, i am younger in the dreams that i am able to explore the passage way as opposed to the dreams that i have where i am searching for the passage way. The house where i found the passage in the owners bedroom and was able to explore only happened once but i have since had dreams where i am in the same house and i am telling people exactly where the passage is and how to get to it. I however was never able to return to that room for some reason-like i am trying but can't make it there. Last night i had another dream where i was in my bosses house babysitting their kids while they went on vacation. I was looking for passages in this house but could not find them even though the kids told me they were there. I left the house to go on an errand and when i came back the house was in flames.

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Re: secret passages

I think a house represents you - your body and mind. This could be about your relationship with your mother (just a hunch - not sure) Is the older woman your mothering (controling?) aspect of yourself? Have you not let yourself follow alternative "secret" pathways in your life since you were a child? Do you expect other people to 'find' these passages for you? You being at your boses house could represent your relationship with authority or your work life in general. Are you feeling restricted in your current position at work? knowing you could follow different paths but are afraid to? Fire is transformation i think - maybe a positive sign of change.

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Re: secret passages

As Edwina stated houses most always represent the dreamer, aspects of the dreamer or relationships of the dreamer {mother's house, etc.}. The secret passages could represent something within you, the unconscious {perhaps the deep unconscious] that you are trying to discover {discover secrets about yourself}.

The fact that you are able to explore this one passage way in the dream {as opposed to other dreams where you are searching for the secret passageways} may suggest you have recently reached a point where you are finally able to discover something that you may not have previously known or realized. often such dreams will let you look into a secret room or passageway but not enter. Being able to enter this place often coincides with real discoveries in your waking life. Having accessed this passageway previously may suggest also you have been in this place, or situation, before. The older woman likely represents your wiser self, perhaps because of the lessons learned from having entered this secret passageway. She also may represent the future, perhaps what something in your life will be like, in conjunction with this secret passageway.
But on the other hand the fact you can not access this secret place every time may mean you are not putting this wisdom to good use.

The bed and bedroom, places of comfort. This could allude to an aspect about yourself. The younger you finds comfort in this place. But an older you may have concerns about the future. This may be the wisdom aspect, needing more usage and recognition.

The second dream. The boss could be you. Or it could be someone who bosses you {probably someone other than a real boss at work}. The younger children would represent other aspects that are affected by this secret about yourself {babysitting other emotions while confronting this secret one}. There is probably a fear on your part if you ignore these other emotions your whole life will go up in 'flames'.

The question remains, what is this secret passageway? You sometimes have access to it {in the present, as a younger you?}. Other times you don't. There may be an element of ignoring something about yourself, emotion wise, your true feelings about a certain matter in your life. It also may involve past experiences, perhaps experiences where you found complete comfort. These experiences may be in the past, or you may feel they are in the past {as an older, wiser you}.

Could this dream involve your relationship with your boyfriend? Is there something that has been lost between the two of you? Compare my interpretation to your waking life and see if it fits somewhere. I wish I could be more precise but dreams seldom provide a direct answer to a problem or experience.


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Re: secret passages

Thanks guys! You have helped provide great insight!

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