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To all the Dragon Riders out there,

I recently saw the film Eragon and I highly recommend it. From a Jungian perspective it has much to offer. I am impressed by the symbolism and metaphors that give way to layers of meaning in the film. It is interesting that Safira, Eragon's Dragon, is a female. Much of the film is about the development of Eragon and Safina, both as separate beings, and in their relationship to each other. More than that, an aspect of the film was how they needed to trust each other and how Eragon's strength depended on his reliance on Safira. I see the relationship between Aragon and Safira as a parallel between that of a man and his anima. Even the name Safira interestingly, (at least in Arabic), means ambassador, (with the 'a' at the end designating a female.) The same metaphor can apply to a woman and her animus. In this Saga, the Dragon is not seen as a beast to be slayed, but a powerful ally to trust, grow and work with. This is important. The history of the meaning of dragons is rich, but things took a dark turn when dragons were made the enemy to be slayed. When I was watching the film I thought about how at the dream forum, a new and more positive consciousness regarding the feminine is emerging and how the dream forum helps to spread this consciousness to others. This film portrayed the feminine in a positive light and portrayed the relationship between the feminine and masculine in a beautiful way and also portrayed many psychological truths. Another example of a psychological truth was the way the female heroine was portrayed here. She was not in desperate need of being rescued, and as Eragon's friend commented to him, she is perfectly capable of rescuing herself. I think this makes a huge commentary about male and female relationships…that healthy ones are not about "rescuing" our partners…. The movie can be seen as a metaphor for the psychological development of men, and of the relationship between a man and his anima, and the development of his anima. Many of the things about the magic and the trials Eragon underwent can also be taken metaphorically from a Jungian perspective. At one point, when Eragon went to liberate the people who were waiting to rebel against the evil king (patriarchy and also all the evils that go along with it like racism, sexism ect), I felt this could be a metaphor for aspects of the soul that are held in bondage under the tyranny of patriarchy. I would love for any one who has seen the movie to share their ideas as well, and to let me know if you have similar thoughts.

Happy New Year,


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Re: Eragon

Thanks May. I am curious to know more about the writers of this film. I wonder what influenced their creative ideas when making the film. I an willing to bet Jung had some part in that. Just as Joseph Campbell had on George Lucas and the making of Star Wars. Of course we all know Campbell was a 'Jungian'.


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Re: Re: Eragon

hi may,
i have just seen this movie too,
it has all the classic mythological motifs,
eragorn like king arthur,harry potter,is brought up by others ,not knowing his own parents,or even the powers he has inherited,in eragorns case the knowledge he is a dragonrider,which is all part of a great prophesy,waiting for that moment it is needed most to be fulfilled,
interestingly enough,excalibur chooses the king (arthur),
the wand chooses the wizard (harry potter),
the egg/dragon chooses the rider (eragorn)

the idea of the dragon saphira being female is brilliant,

it is better to accept the power of the unconscious and use it as an ally,than to deny it and have it burn you up in the process,
saphira the dragon,is both passive and terrible,a good image of the goddess and her aspects,
hell hath no fury like a dragon/goddess scorned,
looking forward to the next installment,.
long live the myth.

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