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s-18 with attachments for sale

1st im in newark ny, not to far of a drive for all of this.
or i can ship via UPS/FED-X but that would not be cheap lol

this is what i have for sale.....
i have to the best of my knowlage is a S-18 with a 8hp kohler engine.
the tractor needs a shifter repair (not the tranny) the shifter handle will spin
i was told there is a small pin inside the shifter housing that wore out.
but still shifts. if my memory is correct its a 4 speed with reverse.
the main pully is in not to good of shape and could use a new one.
the shut off toggle broke so i just put on a inline fuse to use as a kill switch. its elc. start and uses a 12v car battery. im not sure the battery is any good, i havent try'd to charg it.
all tires hold air just fine and are in good condition.
i also have the tire chains.
most of the attachments could use some paint, but all are solid and strong.
the cultivators are in good shape (with 1 extra arm with blade)
the plow is also in good shape.
the metal cart is solid and tires hold air (no dry rot)
the trailer hitch can be used with or without a ball.
the back blade is a wonder to have and is in good shape (heavy duty)
the snowblower looks real clean (i never used it myself tho)
the speedy jr. wood chipper looks to be in good shape also (but i never used that either).
the mower deck i belive its a 36'' works real nice (blades can use sharpening)
some belts for some attachments are shot and need replacing.

i have owned all of this for around 3 years and used it for gardening.
it hasnt let me down yet.

i do not know the fair market value of the speedex tractors or attachments.
so im asking for offers.

here are a few pictures of what i have

Re: s-18 with attachments for sale

thank you this had beed SOLD