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Plows and 1240 tractor

Just bought a 1240 tractor and couple dirt plows and snow plows with it. I don't see much info on plows and how to mount and set-up. One I have is light and one is quite heavy. Not sure heavy one would work on small tractor. Both seem to mount on lift with the drawbar off? Light one inside the arms, heavy one outside, but has more holes for depth maybe?

Snow blade on tractor seems pretty light where it should pivot on main arm. Main arm is also light. Doesn't look good at all and bendable. The heavier one has beefed up area where it pivots and also some tabs on outer edge that maybe one could widen it?? Think I will look into mounting that one. Appears to mount on frame same way. The snow plow info here is diff than these. I DO have the plow as shown here on my 1430 tractor, a little heavier deal.

I am looking for later model, say about 88 tractors called Eagles and Falcons. Haven't seen one yet, only Brochures. Hydro sounds neat, but would look at either or any model. These generally are white or cream colored, not red as in past. OR maybe hydro models shown in the manual section here 17** and 18** models. Seems they use the same rearends as my MTD's have.