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S24 Help

Help, I just got my first Speedex tractor it‘s a 1968 S24 Round hood. The starter / generator, voltage regulator, solenoid switch, and wires were in a separate box. Is there a wiring diagram or picture that shows how all this is mounted??? Is the red paint on a Speedex close to International Harvester Red?? What is the proper color red paint that I should use to repaint with?

Thanks in advance,
Cletus in Southern Virginia

Re: S24 Help

The wiring - might find on Mike Hamper's "Speedex Tractor Information". It's the most complete on the web. He also makes quality replacement Speedex decals. Download your brand / model engine manual. The wiring / starter etc. your dealing with comes from the engine manufacturer when new and the engine wiring diagram is in the engine Repair manual. Speedex only hooks up ignition switch, alt gauge, lights etc. Don't think you will find any wiring diagram for any Speedex ever made as most is basic stuff.

Paint - fact is - no set brand of or color. Some use Int. red JD yellow - rims. My advise after many restores - RED aerosol Walmart brand red @99 cents a can OR Rustoleum Sun Rise Red (avalable in aero / qts). I find these bright red colors really look great on these great machines. Kinda like "season to taste".

Re: S24 Help

What is the difference between a Yellow S24 decal and a White S24 decaled tractor?

Re: S24 Help

Hello Cletus, I have been searching for the origin of the white/yellow decals now for several years, with no definitive answer. The white decals were used on the early ( mid 70-80’s ) flat hood S17, S19, S24 tractors as best as I can tell. The font used is different then the red/yellow ones we are familiar with. When I was helping Speedex out in late 1994 I was asked to do some of the red/yellow decals before they stopped tractor production in Ravenna Ohio. Since then I have also made some reproductions of the white/yellow with very, very little asking for them from fellow collectors. I personally do not think they look as nice which I am guessing others feel also. There also were some black/silver decals of some of the other decals that showed up during that time. These did not survive as well and from all of this I believe the bottom line answer is that there was a supplier change requirement from Speedex for what ever reason and this is what the supplier was able to provide. Hope this helps. If you require the white/yellow decals I have them available…..for now Mike Hamper

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