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Late Model Snow Thrower

I recently uncovered the whereabouts of the snow thrower that was purchased originally with my 1994 Speedex 1892 and I have obtained it. The problem is, I do not know if I have all the parts nor know how it was supposed to be mounted. Because it is most likely one of the last, if not the last, unit sold by Speedex, I do not expect to find much info on it. But I have to ask--- Do any of my fellow Speedex enthusiasts have any info, pictures, manual or knowledge about this unit ? I believe the older model (pre 1980's) units may be a different design and thus mount different than the 1994. Any leads to a person who owns one would be appreciated. I have a thrower for my 1995 Strongland. Although my 1892 did come out of the same Pennsylvania factory, the snow thrower and mount for the Strongland unit is quite different.

I also obtained the original 66" mower deck that was purchased with the 1892. I I can rehab it to be operational, but wonder if it is worth the effort. Opinions are solicited as to whether that large a deck is really useful or practical for an 18HP Speedex. My lot does not warrant such a unit, thus I may be looking for a buyer. I do know that it is really heavy duty built !! It is so heavy I cannot pick it up. Does that have anything to do with getting older ?