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Mounting/changing my snow blade

Have a heavy blade for Speedex, was last on my 1640 I think, now sold. I have three tractors, thought would fit any. Now finding the main channel back to axle is diff width than two, and will fit the 1622 auto, which is what I wanted to put it on. Problem is the front Lift part. U-shaped part that goes under the main channel on blade and should bolt up to frame on each side. My 1240 and the 1641 have same narrow frame, and lift is wider than those. The 1622 has real WIDE frame, diff than most Spdx's had and no wide enough for that. SO, is there another lift frame for 1622 around or will I need to just widen what I have? If I do that, thinking would keep it INSIDE the frame then on that one. Other choice seems to widen the rear space to go over the other tractors mounts, then STILL have to narrow that front lift link. Would keep that to outside of frame then I think. Thinking might have to make diff length lift link to handle also on these two, which are manual. The 1622 has link way down under and have to make one for it also I presume. The manual on blade here, shows the blade I have, but no mention of these models in the bracketry page, and can't see them real clear either. Is there a drawing for later models that would be more what I need? Trying to get ideas here.