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Speedex 1732 Hydraulics

Anyone with experience working on or identifying hydraulic system pumps and control valves on Speedex model 1732 tractor?

End of season and my 1732 ability to raise the bottom plow has slowed noticeably. I have a mental note to check hydraulic pump belt tension next time I climb the back hill to visit the Speedex shed.

Best I can come up with so far is my hydraulic control valve may be an OMCO according to Speedex literature. Not finding any helpful ID on the existing unit. I wrote myself some notes over the summer but cannot find them now.

I find even less information on the hydraulic pump. Speedex literature indicates it may be made by Victor (New Zealand???) (or maybe Eaton Vickers???).

Any thoughts or insights you might be able to share would be greatly appreciated as we prepare for spring plowing.