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mower blades for 48" deck

As we all know the blades for the 48" Speedex deck have not been made in years and are hard to find, if at all. When you do find them, they are a little shorter than they should be. A correct original will measure 16 1/4" whereas most being sold today by a few old dealers are 16" or even 15 3/4". I think I have found a solution. I ran across a limited source of another brands old blades that are at 16 1/2" and have the correct "Drop" match the Speedex blade. You can grind off a little on each end to get a nice fit on the Speedex deck. The issue is these blades need a little machine work to work. This is a bit of an issue as the blades are hardened and do not take well to standard tools. The center hole is not totally round and needs some serious filling. The holes for the shear pins are not slots but are 1/4'' holes that need to be drilled out to .390". These holes are properly spaced for the Speedex blade mount block. I have posted a photo of a set of these on my deck. Very nice fit. Let me know of any interest in these, either as is, where you do the machine work, or ready to use. I think I can get them a lot cheaper than old originals.