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Blade Mount parts info and drawings

over the years have had many snow blades. Most come missing the U shaped lift and the lift bar that attached to it and lift lever. Wondering if any of you have dimensions or drawings to make one? Looks simple enough, just hard to figure exact sizes. I have one here now that is similar, but narrower and added corner metal to beef it up, but seems narrow even at frame. I want size for 1630 and 40 series tractors, think might be same or close. Never seems to be any used ones for sale, I'ld look at an offer if you have one.

ON same issue is my 1722, same as 1822 then, maybe others. How is a blade mounted on those? Appears won't be the long tube type back to axle like most. My deck hangs off four points on the frame and I"m thinking blade for this might mount on same spots? I have not seen any pix or drawings for blade for this tractor. The lift is probly a rod using the hydraulic lift for the deck, don't know. Blade fit same on 1622 style also? Don't know. Help me out with some pictures if you have one, maybe you are getting it out for winter right at this time, heh!

Re: Blade Mount parts info and drawings

You have given such a great information that would be very helpful to me. I would like more in-depth information on it.