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Re: Black Hebrews?

hebrew and isrealities tribes of nations

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If you are alluding that the ancient hebrews were a dark skin people to that there is no doubt. As for them being originally from Africa....well we ALL came from Africa at one time or another!

As for Negroes in America being Hebrews. there is no doubt in my mind that they are one of those remnants as well. They fit the prophecies of Duet 28 to the letter as did the Native Americans.

As for the scriptures pertaining to color in the Bible; well all the nations back in the days except for one (Edom) were a dark skin people, you can still see that today in a lot o Arabs, Pakistanians, Indians, Egytians, Nigerians, Ethopians etc. Even the Native Americans beforethe European invasion of the Americas were a dark-skin people just look at some old time photos; they are just as dark (at times even darker) as a so-called Negro. Color really has nothing to do with Hebrew ancestry, yes they were a dark skinned people but as I stated before so is about 3/4 of the world.

iblical scriptures also allude to Israel being a"speckled brd" (of many colors) and Ephraim being a cake unturned and as having mixed himself and lets not forget his branches have extended over the walls. These are all alluding to the inter-racial marriages occuring amongst Ephraim and all the nations which they were around or in captivity to.

So much more to discuss on this topic could go on for days

One last thing though, just they are no "white" people on this earth or "red" or "yellow" (I have yet to see a group of people whose skin colo matches the color of a sheet of paper, an apple or a banana ! I strongly believe that there is not a group of people that are actually "black".


Shalom NOAM

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Go to this site:

They know the true race of the Hebrews

Song of Solomon 1:5 - "I am black and comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of kedar (of a dark skinned man) as the curtains of Solomon." Meaning, I am dark skinned, and I am beautiful.

Job 30:30 - "My skin is black (in ancient Hebrew, it reads ShaKar, which means black) upon me, and my bones are burned with heat". So Job was also a dark skinned man.

Jeremiah 14:2 continues: "They are black unto the ground" In ancient hebrew, same verse, Jeremiah 14:2, reads "QADAR LA AH RA TAZA" (Black skinned are they unto the ground; black skinned man, from a dark to a light shade of brown). Biblical and historical scholars have purposely taken that particular verse, Jeremiah 14:2 out of the original 1611 King James (Jacob) bible to mislead the people. Proof: The Dictionary of the Bible, by Dr. William Smith, Volume 2, 1888; page 1526. Qadar / Kedar:'black skinned man'.