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Re: Proof coverup

not 2 get on you my brotha, but Judah was the head tribe in the older days, and in a since is now. Joseph or Ephraim, was the fav and chosen by Jacob, but God chose Judah. the ancient royal blood line is of Judah, David, Soloman, and even the son of God Jesus, thats why Judah brought out the truth first. Also Judah have no land of there own, out of all the tribes of israel, and was punished to live in the land of babylon(yes, alot of the 10 lost tribes live in babylong also)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There is a Book out call America BC and another Book The Lost tribes of Israel found, By Steve Collins. These give proof of Israel along with Egypt and Phanisha were involved in world trade and colonizing. These were secret routes to the west. Many stories of sea monsters were circulated to prevent ememies from going out into the seas. With the fall of Jerusalem these secrets were lost until Columbus a Jew sailed west with a Rabbi. 1492 was the year the Jews were kicked out of Spain. Our History book are silent again. The Roman based Education system hated the Hebrew and all metion of them. Now the tribes are regather here In Denver, and many other places. This because the spirit is moving in the true Hebrews. Much happen, Judea has led the way home but now Joseph who has a coat of many colors, meaning he is multicolored and multicultured is getting ready to go home. Remember the Septer was not to part from Judea but the birthright remained with Joseph. What this means is Judea can't pernimently hold the land without Joseph who has the title to the land of Israel. That is why Josephs Tomb was burned. Because the enemy in the spirit knows Joseph is comming back from the dead. The prodical son, the Father says "my who was dead is alive, make celebration for he is comming home." Judea and Joseph make up the whole house if Israel a kingdom of King and Preist. Praise Yaveh.


Re: Proof coverup

i have read a lot of Steve Collins books... they atre
not very good for proof...
in your KJ Bible it tell all how we got here and who
sent most of us here....
back then it was all those people could do to survive
in the land they lived in....
they had very little knowledge of new lands... however
the Phonecians did and they made new lands every time
they sailed...
if you want proof...write me...