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Re: THe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The book of Mormon is hogwash....the history of the Mormon church is linked with Freemasonary....

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The Church of JEsus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, aKa the Mormon Church, has another testament of JEsus Christ, the Book of Mormon. It is true doctrine about ancient peoples who were warned by God to leave jerusalem and go to the "Promised Land" or America as we know it. The root of those people are from Mennassah and Ephraim as it is said in the Book of MOrmon. That is just something for yout o ponder about, but i know this book is true!

Re: Re: THe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I too know the Book of Mormon is true! And to you who say it is hogwash--have you read the book? It is a miraculous account of some of the Tribes of Israel coming to the American Continent. It's quite fascinating and supports evidence of this website. I invite all to read the book and decide for yourself if it is hogwash.