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(The Troop that overcame GAD was the United States Cavalry) Gadite worrior
Genesis 49:19 - Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last.
The Native American Indians, according to the Holy Bible & according to historical records, are the descendants of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of the Nation of Israel, of the Tribe of GAD. READ: Gen. 49:1-2 & 19 (The Troop that
overcame GAD was the United States Cavalry. Also read: Deut. 33:20 & IChron. 12:8. In 709 B.C. (the year of King Solomon’s death), the Nation of Israel was split into two. The south was the Kingdom of Judah (Southern Kingdom) consisting of the tribes of JUDAH, BENJAMIN and LEVI,
headed by Solomon’s son Rehoboam, of the tribe of JUDAH. The north was the Kingdom of Israel (Northern Kingdom) consisting of the other Ten (10) tribes, headed by Jeroboam (the son of Nebat), an Ephraimite General of King Solomon’s army. The Northern Kingdom (Kingdom of Israel) did not keep the MOST HIGH’S (God’s) laws, therefore in 474 BC, they were led into captivity by King Shalmanasar, the Assyrian King. Please read: II Kings, 17th Chapter (esp. 6-7) & in the Apocrypha. II Esdras 13:40-47. Records & documents like James Adair’s “History of the American Indian”, have facts proving that the customs, religions, laws, etc., of the Native Americans (GAD) go back to their ancestors, the Hebrew Israelites of ancient times. This is confirmed with Biblical scriptures. For example, the fringes that they wore on their garments are found in the book of Numbers 15:38-40. By the time of Christ, Hosea 1:10 had been fulfilled with the tribes of Israel living in all the lands of the earth, which Christ also spoke about in St. John 10:16 “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring…” Read: Gen. 28:14, St. John 10:24-30. 1 Chron. 5:18 Tells us that the Gadites were able to shoot with bow (bow & arrow).
The so-called Native American Indians are descendants of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob (all so-called black men).
All Caucasians are the descendants of Esau, the TRUE RED RACE. Read: Gen. 25:25. The Most High (God) said that Israel would go into
captivity under all nations, and in the last days he would redeem Israel from among the Nations. Please read: Jer. 50:33-34, Ezek. 20:34,
Hos. 1:10-11, Gen. 49:19 (the TROOP that overcame GAD was the United States Cavalry) & Rev. 13:9-10.
Concerning the TRUE descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (the 12 tribes of the Nation of Israel,
scattered throughout the earth), scholars have purposely lied. They have churches, schools and
universities set up to keep the lies going. Please read: Job 9:24, Isa. 29:15-16, Job 13:4, Psa. 5:9,
Acts 13:10, Dan. 8:24-25. Example: “God loves all people” is a LIE! Read: Rom. 9:13, Rom. 9:8.
The 12 Tribes of ISRAEL have been lied to by false preachers & false teachers that are not going according to
what God says. We are the children of God & it is time to return and do what God says. Please read:
Deut. 5:31-33. According to Isa. 14:1-3, God will ONLY have mercy on the Children of Israel which includes
the tribe of GAD (so-called North American Indians). Read: Isa. 40:1-2, Acts 3:19, Jer. 50:33-34.
Deuteronomy 5:31-33: “But as for thee, stand thou here by me, and I will speak unto thee all the commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments, which thou shalt teach them, that they may do them in the land which I give them to possess it. Ye shall observe to do therefore as the LORD your God hath commanded you: ye shall not turn aside to the right hand or to the left. Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.” With that Qam Yasharahla!!!