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Talk About doing a 180

As promised, CloudDancer left the laughter behind in Vol. III of his Alaskan Chronicles series about his life as a bush pilot.

This time he memorializes the final flights of some of his closest friends. And he takes us along for what must’ve been his most harrowing flight ever. I can’t even imagine anything worse. It scared the crap out of me sitting safely in the comfort of my recliner If I didn’t know the guy was alive and writing about it himself, I would have thought it ended in a fatality like all the rest of the stories.

Apparently CloudDancer has recently given up boozing too, if I understand the final part of the book correctly. But I don’t want to spoil it for you. Let’s just say it’s a real mind twister.

Thank goodness the book is just a little smaller than his first two efforts, because most likely you won’t be able to put it down (either) until you finish it. Oh yeah. And another neat thing. After every story there’s a URL that is for the official NTSB accident report associated with the story. So when you finish one, you can go look up the accident report if you want to.

CloudDancer’s Alaskan Chronicles, Vol. III, “The Tragedies” couldn’t be more different from his first two books. Whoever he is, I hope this guy keeps writing them. You can see his books at www.clouddancer.org


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