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Streaming Aviation Job Openings via RSS

AviaNation.com one of the leading online aviation job boards has
announced the release of the RSS feeds with latest job openings.
AviaNation became the first among the top-ranking aviation job sites to
offer such service.

"Job hunting is a job in itself. Applicants need to search numerous
employment websites in their efforts to locate the elusive aviation
job", says Tim Kirkwood, Director of Member Companies. "By creating
3 different RSS feeds we allow pilots, flight attendants and all other
aviation professionals access the most recent job openings directly
through their MyMSN or MyYahoo home pages."

"MSN/Hotmail and Yahoo users represent more than 30% of our
members", says Justina Hager, Director of Career Development, "and
MSN and Yahoo are the two major sites that allow their users include
latest headlines or any other RSS-based news feeds directly on their
"My" pages. This lets jobseekers view latest jobs from AviaNation
without even having to visit our site. Every time they go to Yahoo or
MSN to check their email or read latest news or check the weather, they
will see the latest jobs from AviaNation.com.

Many AviaNation members indicated that they are members of more than
one aviation jobs boards and wished that other sites follow the
AviaNation lead in generating RSS feeds for inclusion into the most
popular content aggregator web sites. This would greatly simplify the
task of monitoring multiple resources by bringing information from a
variety of sites onto a single page. Steps to include RSS feeds to the
Yahoo or MSN "My" pages are very simple and easy to follow.

"All you need to do", says Michael Getter a senior software
engineer at AviaNation.com, "is to go to MyMSN or MyYahoo page and
click on any "Add content" found on those pages. Then, simply
follow the 1 or 2-step instructions given by MSN/Yahoo RSS inclusion
pages. You can also choose and pick from a wide variety of news
resources already listed on MSN and Yahoo. RSS feed URL addresses and
detailed instructions can be found on www.avianation.com.

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