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WANTED DC-10 Maintenance Training Instructors

If anyone knows of any good maintenance training instructors experienced on the DC-10-30 please have them forward their resume to DC10MXJob@hotmail.com. Looking to hire immediate instructors for long term project. See below for more info. It's getting harder to find experienced knowledge for these older birds anymore!

DC-10 Technical Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Training

Region: Central USA

DC-10 Instructors (long-term contract) needed to deliver training in a professional manner. You must have extensive knowledge in this field with at least 10 years professional experience. Seeking instructors that have Mechanical, Electrical, Powerplant and/OR Avionics experience on DC-10-30's (all passenger planes.) Instructors will be teaching up to a Level 3 course (120 Hours)

The position is for immediate hire. A great and generous package (housing, car, meals, and flights) is provided for the right applicants.

If you have the minimum requirement of at least 10 years experience in this field then please forward your resume to DC10MXJob@hotmail.com

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