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Aviation Records/Logs, Maintenance Scheduler Needed. $40k / yr.

Aviation Planner A&P - $40k Job Description:
I am looking to hire an A&P mechanic with Records & Maintenance Scheduling experience to work near the Albany, New York area.

The candidate I am looking to hire must have.
1. Management Experience
2. A&P License
3. Strong Computer Skill

The candidate will be responsible for logging FAA paperwork & records, discrepancies, orders, warranties and all other documentation related to aircraft maintenance, scheduling and records. This is a 90% desk job, where 10% will be spent performing minor maintenance on aircraft to become familiar with the product.

- Must have A&P
- Must have or be eligible to get IA In the first six months
- Must have excellent organizational skills
- Must have excellent computer skills
- Must be part of the on call rotation
- Have an understanding of the FAR?s that pertain to maintenance
- Eat.w. Esrtt(cAcc.

This position will offer longevity and stability.

Please Contact Me Directly!
Glen Hernandez
1-877-369-7153 ext 4308

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