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It just dawned on me... (I must be slow)
How's this for irony:

Lee Majors played a stunt co-ordinator called Vince in the movie 'Big Fat Liar'

Vince Deadrick Sr. was Lee's Stunt double, and Stunt Co-ordinator on 6MDM

Well, I thought it was a neat reversal......

Re: Vince

Oh wow, that is cool! Now the questionis, who was his stunt double in BV? Or maybe FG? Hmm, perhaps these would make good trivia questions!

Re: Vince

Lee's stunt double in Big Valley was also Vince Deadrick Sr. In The Fall Guy his stunt man was Mickey Gilbert, who I believed married Morgan Britney after she guest starred on an episode of Fall Guy. The same episode that Richard Anderson was in.