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Fantastic Film Rumour

Somewhere down the line, I heard a fantastic whisper that Lee Majors, Bill Shatner and Bob Wagner were going to play a trio of 'resting' actors, (all former legendary TV action heroes, shockingly enough) who unite to solve a 'real' mystery.

This is a tremendous idea on three counts;

1) How many genuinely witty ideas make it to the big screen?

2) The 70's are fashionable again.

3) These three guys have a great gift for comedy, and how tedious it is to see an endless run of films where everyone in the picture is less than 30.

Interesting to see if it ever happens...........

Re: Fantastic Film Rumour

Yes it would, but there doesn't seem to be any recent news and both Lee and William Shatner seem pretty busy right now. Not sure what Robert Wagner is doing. I hope the film/pilot/series can get off the ground.