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Re: Re: Re: Re: Is Lee a grandfather?

You say: "Perhaps NALF bases her comments regarding Mr. Majors on fact. Perhaps she is not in a position to share why her feelings are justified. Perhaps only those closest to Mr. Majors truely know his character."

To be honest if you are not in a position to say why then perhaps the accusation shouldn't be levelled on a public forum where it only serves to give the impression that you are looking to damage Mr Majors' reputation and not allow people the chance to refute or challenge what you have to say.

If you are a family member of friend of a family member then this really is not the place to discuss the matter, however the facts may be perceived by either side.

Mr Majors personal life, and that of his family are exactly that, personal, but as fans we, of course, express an interest. That's not to say we should get to learn everything or in fact do.

Whatever the circumstance, families whether they be famous or otherwise, have the right to sort out their differences and build bridges within the privacy of their own lives.

All the best




'Majors, at 69, and a real-life grandpa, plays the role like it's second nature to him. Like the loveable Grandpa Max, the still robust Majors dotes on his grandchildren, aged six and nine. The fishing trips and other places he takes them to spell fun, fun, fun. He spoils them, Majors admits. But that's what grandparents are for, he explains, a naughty smile on his face.'