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Met Lee and Faith at the show in NY today. I missed the photo opp as they had him in the basement of the building doing photos (which I didn't know where that was until it was over) but I was able to get an autgraph when he came back up to his booth. Faith was as sweet as pie and Lee was very cool to sign my red jacket I brought instead of signing a generic picture.
My favorite show growing up was the smdm and I'm glad I had a chance to say hello to him.
Also got a picture with Oscar who was there!

Re: Lee

Thanks for posting, it's good to hear you got to meet Lee.

Re: Lee

I also had the pleasure of meeting both lee & faith at the boston wizardworld.
I got a photo op & autograph.
They both were very nice.
I was talking to faith,then lee came up behind me & said "what about me?".I spoke to him about his tv series & said I knew my stuff.I later talked to him for about 10 minutes at his booth.
Scott Catton