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Simply "The Man"... Lee Majors!

He was a HUGE inspiration in my childhood, "HE" was the reason I'd get up REALLY early (even earlier than I would have at that age), simply to quietly open up the TV and see his incredible TV Show : The Six Million Dollar Man.

OMG, you cannot IMAGINE how much his "presence" helped me alot with the divorce of my parents when I was just four. Watching him was like the "PERFECT" time for me... better than anything else...

I simply wanted to say a HUGE "Thank You!", even though of course you have no clue who I am, but I have a "small" clue as to you are...

And... yes I was a HUGE "The Fall Guy" Fan too, when I heard about a "comeback", I was soooooo happy and "to me", it was Excellent! I even bought your SUV for my child racetrack at home and it was indeed one of my favorites!

Again... Thank You simply having lived your life the way you have as it did indeed (and I am sure it also did for MANY others), changed and affected my life and had a significant impact of who I am today!

Thank you Mr. Majors!