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Peter Breck

Very sad about Peter Breck's passing. I've been watching Big Valley episodes all week long in remembrance. Not that I need a reason to watch my favorite western. I just loved the relationship between all the brothers but mostly between Nick and Heath. I've also been watching all the guest spots that Peter did on Lee's other shows. Men From Shiloh, Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy. It was great to see them working together long after Big Valley was over. Rest in peace Peter, we all love you and miss you.

Re: Peter Breck

I have been watching the Big Valley marathon and that is why I went to search the characters and see what they were doing now.I followed to the Lee Majors site. They were all wonderful.What a talented group of people.Yes, we will miss Peter and Barbara but they will always be in our hearts. Thank heavens for such good family entertainment.