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Your name is special

In 1973, I had a son . I named him Lee Heath. I was inspired by your character on Big Valley. He was a strong and kind man.Heath became "BO" when he was six years old. This was because he thought "Bo" on The Dukes of Hazzard was cool. Later, in his teen years Heath was "Lee" to his friends. As an adult, his CB friends knew him as "Cobra".My son suffered a massive heart attack at age 32 and died later that year.He suffered from a congenital heart defect and was sick all of his life.I was looking at your website and it occured to me that you might like to know that your career has been inspirational. You are a fine actor and have brought many hours of enjoyment to people everywhere.I still am enjoying The Big Valley.Just thought it might bring you pleasure to know that someone shared your name.I wish you well.God bless you for sharing the gift of your talent.