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Re: Re: How 'bout ..............

You know it is funny, I rarely watched this show when it originally aired. I think by the time this came on I was just too busy with other things to watch a lot of television. If I was at home, my time was spent either sleeping or getting ready to go somewhere. I spent my time in class, working or at Scrappy's.

I do recall that most of the people that hung out at Scrappy's loved this show. Yes, it was a post adolescent mostly male crowd. Lots of wrestlers, professors and archeaologist wannabes.

The guy's lounge in the dorm was another place where this show was oftened screened, along with Dynasty (they loved the cat fights between Crystal and what's her name, the wicked witch of Denver, played by Joan Collins. What the hell was that character's name?) and Dark Shadows.

A veritable university think tank!

Now that I have recently seen a few episodes of the Fall Guy, I understand why most of it's fan base is male! This is a serious guy show!

Of course this is fitting since Lee is a serious guy.

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Hey How about the FALL GUY. Seen any episodes lately? Whish ones? Overall impressions? Did you know reruns are screening in the UK at present?

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For some reason I haven't been here in a while. Not sure why. anybody hanging around? Do we need a new Lee discussion? Anybody got a new close encounter? Anyone?