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Hey! Howdy!

(BTW my cat is called MadMax after the films... he is a mad cat! )

It is great to hear news from Italy, about the 6 mill show and Meteor. So how was the show?

Do you have any info on Italian Magazine covers or articles on Lee? If you do, you can enter them into the IMDB. So far I have managed to find a little info on publications from Germany, Chile, Canada, Australia, and USA.

You asked about more SMDM pictures. There is a site at :

which has fanfiction, and episode synopsis(with screen captures) are being progresively added to.

Also on this site there are links on the links page . One of those sites has masses of links too all things bionic including mpeg files, wav files of the opening theme, and screen grabs from the series.

There is also regular, but intermittant discussion that goes on at the bionicfans at yahoo: