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Re: Re: Big FAt Liar

Finally tracked the movie down at Blockbuster, downunder. Seems it is not yet for sale down here, and I'm not sure it was released at the cinemas. If it was I missed it darn that real busy life getting in the way.

The visit paid dividends - found a copy of STEEL for sale, so I was trés jolie.

Favourite scenes? (What were yours?)

* The blue pool scene/ orange hair trick.

* The helicoptor scene where Wolf is crapping himself with panic, and Vince calmly buckles the sole parachute on, whilst retorting how many years 'this grandfather' of experience he has at this very thing.

* the costume trying on sequence in the wardrobe/ beach scene/ campfire scene (I'm always curious about the props and sets, FX etc)

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have yet to see this.....

what more can I say, but.......... ......I liked the stills


i wonder if its even been released downunder?

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What a hoot! Although Lee had a small part, I loved this movie! Paul Giammati is hilarious and Lee, of course, is perfect. It's not exactly believable, but hey, who cares, it's a silly comedy! As some of you may have guessed, I love silliness.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this movie?