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Re: Re: Re: steel video

Well, talk about coincidence. I walked into my local Blockbuster store yesterday, and there on the sales table was................

............ yes! A copy of STEEL!!!

Of course this is a PAL version, and I could NEVER part with it. But, maybe you could try doing the same?

Some have come up on ebay I see, but I think they were also Pal version, ex- U.K.

I managed to get High Noon II, ex-rental from the UK this way. Copy quality was good to excellent. ( Now I just have to make sure I don't wear barespots on the tape!)

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Haven't found anything yet.

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Did you find someone that had a copy of the movie for you?

I just found this site.

Do you have any copies of fall guys series and big valley>

And I'm looking for a copy of"Fire!Trapped on 37 Floor" starring Lee Majors.

Please let me know...


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Does anyone out there have a copy of "Steel" the story of building the sky scraper?

My finace' is an Ironworker and he wants to see it????

Appreciate any help!