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Re: Popular culture cross references - Lee mentions!!

I usually don't watch Friends, but I did happen to catch that one I beleive last year. Very Cute

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Popular culture cross references - Lee mentions!!


Hey! "Lee mentions". (or should they be Lee-isms?)They are everywhere, from sports writers making reference to various sporting Lee's, bionic parts for pros sporting injuries, to bionic drinks, bionic cheetahs ( concept for a new car).

But aside from the bionic ones, there are Lee-isms too. Imagine my surprise when tonight, I was just watching an episode of Friends tonight. It was, i think from this latest season (what is that? 8 or 9?)

One storyline thread of the episode revolves around Joey discovering he has a crush on Rachel. Joey discusses the 'rules' of close friends with Monica and Chandler, then they discuss it - Chandler is in the bath with bath salts (Has anyone seen this?) Anyway............ (moving right along)

Monica thinks it is PHOEBE Joey is keen on, and though Chandler bids her not to, she blurts it out to Phoebe.

Then Phoebe embarrases herself trying to broach the subject with Joey, whilst he gushes over Rachel to her, oblivious.

Final scene, the characters progressively arrive to join Monica and Chandler in the bathroom (Chandler in the tub with bubbles). Phoebe arrives to chastise Monica. She says

"That would be like me telling you... that, that, Lee Majors wants to see you, and you going to see him and finding out. Not . You know."

Monica looks puzzled. "Lee Majors?"

"Yeah, "says Phoebe. " Lee Majors is a hottie!"

Then Ross and Rachel arrive in the room with news of the sex of their baby.

Well, knock me over with a feather! That was a pleasant surprise!