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Give Lee his money

There aren't many people that can say they have been on a hit TV series, but to have stared in three in three different decades is a big accomplishment. Big Valley, Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy are still great shows. Nobody has three hit shows unless they can carry the character through in a believable manner. Bill Bixby with My Favorite Martian, Courtship of Eddie's Father and The Hulk is one of the only other actors that have displayed the same acting talent. So Universal, don't discredit a great actor that was an idol for any little boy growing up anytime between the mid sixties and mid eighties. Give him what you owe him or you will be made to look like the villains. I'd also like to see Lee give TV one more shot with a hit show. I can see him in a half hour situation comedy as a sexist boss in an office full of women. Lee should attempt more leading comedy roles. He has the comedic talent that slightly appears in his old shows, but never sprung out fully.