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Re: Re: EKU

Not necessarily Max. His name and address wouldn't be there if he isn't registered or doesn't leave forwarding addresses with the post office. Sometimes alumni, like myself, can be followed because of forwarding addresses even though I have never registered with the Alumni Association with my College.

Another point, even though Ricky is an employee, the photo he posses belongs to EKU, not Ricky. If Ricky is obtaining this for himself, the records department may have a problem giving him any available information, even though he is an employee. If Ricky wants this photo signed to disply in the art department as a university souvenier, he may be able to get information through the AA. Then again, they may be very protective of this kind of information, given who the Alumni is. Chances are, if they have his address or contact info, they hit him up for donations regularly. Why not an autograph?


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Wouldn't you go through EKU's Alumni Association?


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I am trying to get a message to Mr Majors (AKA:Lee Yeary). I am an employee of Eastern Kentucky University and I have a picture from a play from the early 60's that I found in the archives of EKU and I was hoping that I could send this picture for a autograph from Mr. Majors. I was wanting to fine someone that might lead me to the address that I might send this picture. Anyone with this info, please e-mail me. Thanks,Ricky