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Re: Interesting info about the Lee

I find it very interesting that Lees real Brother or Sister are never mentioned in his BIO. Lee was the lucky one. Does anyone really care about the real story about a family torn apart by selfish relatives?

Oh and by the big deal being a Kentucky Colonel. Lee maybe a good ambassador of good will, but you too can become a Kentucky Colonel!

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Replying to:

I was doing a search the other night, like I have nothing else to do, and found an interesting tidbit. I searched the words, Lee Majors Adoption, after I read the Dave Thomas salute, to see if there were any articles around where he talks about this. I actually found very little, other than celebrity lists of famous adopted people.

However there was one interesting thing where he is mentioned on an adoption discussion board. It was a discussion of participants about, what else, famous adoptees. In the midst of the discussion, someone asked about Lee being a Kentucky Colonel!

You could have bowled me over with a feather! My first thought was, he was never in the military, but obviously that's not what a Kentucky Colonel is. This is apparently a special honor bestowed upon Kentuckys native for being ambassadors of good will. It is an honorary title, I guess, for being a well known native with a pleasant attitude! Or something like that.

I wonder when he was given the honor? anybody else aware of this?