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Re: Harris Down Under

Meant to add (apologies for typos)

Harris Downunder stands up well to the test of time. The use of limited technology and fashion (heck farm fashion doesn't change does it - pair a jeans and boots....)along with a timeless storyline means it has stood up pretty well, similar to The Cowboy and the Ballerina. Unlike many 80s era productions which have 'hipper' fashions etc (big hair, shoulder pads) and dated rapidly these productions/ films are still current, could have been made yesterday.

Personally I prefer The Cowboy & the Ballerina , for a grittier more intense, more developed, more colourful story and filming style. However Harris Downunder compares favourably to the McLeods Daughters pilot episode, in that you think its going somewhere.... it just didn't take you all the way.

And who am I? Just an interested observer.

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Replying to:

Harris Down Under aired last night. (This would be the third time at least I have seen it/ been screened).

Kinda grows on you. It looks good - especially the opening preamble with a planes flying over the landscape for context - inland 'ranch' horse breeding stud in NSW. Storystarts off with plenty of hooks, plenty of directions it could take. This was a pilot I understand. think could have kept some of the tension to the story if they hadn't killed off the sife, but left her in a coma - kept the audience guessing, leave it hanging, unanswered question.

Storyline plausible, good pace. Opening could have been a bit long - developing some characters who didn't need that much 'development' like the housekeeper (in my opinion). Some goods bits with banter between the aussie and american slang expressions. when I first watched this felt Rebecca Gilling's performance was a little brittle - but then on repeated viewing it seems to fit the context - estranged wife, managing a financially wobbly horse breeding operation. Enjoyed the other performances. I guess my main criticisms would be:

1. That overall the story becomes a basic blokey sort of tale, and developing more dimensions of the conflicts between characters would have been good to see - they are implied, but not developed (suffiently in my opinion) in the scripted bits.

2. That it wasn't picked up as a series - I'm sure, like McLeod's Daughters (this one could have been renamed Harris and sons ) that it would have developed and grown into itself. It has a certain slowmoving ruralness about it, despite all the action, fistcuffs and shootouts - doesn't have the tension of a western.

3. Not enough closeups of Lee

But then I would say that!!!!!


Anyone else seen this? Care to comemnt?

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Replying to:


I thought that might get your attention.

Actually I just wanted to let anyone know who wanted to know.... current and recent past LM screenings.


TSMDM seasons 1 & 2 (retro/scifi timeslot, youth oriented channel)

Harris Down under & Bionic Ever After at the same time on different channels, mid-evening timeslot


Miracles ( docu) Xmas/New Year holiday schedule


& prob So Graham Norton (I say prob cause I checked out as many as I could, but must have missed the episode, darn it)

Bionic Ever After (TV4 main film time slot)

Out Cold (June)

Big Fat Liar (video release, not sure about movie release)

2003(so far)

Agency (TV2, main film evening timeslot)subject matter still current, poor print though

Harris Down Under (TV4, main evening film timeslot)

Son of the Beach (satellite TV)

prob. coming up Walker Texas Ranger, Lonesome Dove

so there you have it so far, if anyone is interested

Re: Re: Harris Down Under Again!

We really like this series pilot downunder!
Its been on again, in the coveted Friday evening 9.30 slot (previously held by Monk, John Doe and Alias, and popular science docos) - the third screening this year.
Something tells me the popularity of rural drama McCleod's Daughters has some influence.
This grows on me with repeated viewing, Still don't like the last third so much. The younger actors aren't strong enough in developing their characters to carry through this segment (IMHO), the older aussie character actors are great. The filming style seemed to change too, less closeups and shot variation, making it very straight ahead predictable ending. Loved the scenic flying and humourous Harris banter - needed more of that.
Pleased to see it again