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Hey this snippet appeared in outr local newspaper, thought it of interest:

The New Zealand Herald, Mon May 19th 2003. Gerg Dixon

Article All Shook Up by Devotion to Elvis

"There's nothing so comforting as having a suspicion confirmed. so when I read last week in this newspaper that a new study had found that one in three people in Britain suffer from something called 'Celebrity Worship Syndrome' I have to confess I felt smug. somehow I already knew this... And reported the paper the University of Leicester Study found that this wasn't just teenage girld, or Trekkies who came over all funny about their heroes and heroines, it was 36% of the survey population, aged between 18 and 60."

Heck, and it ain't a painfull 'syndrome' at all

Re: Fans

Personally, I would deny having any such syndrome. But ain't Lee grand?